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From Nasi Lemak to Bubble Tea: On Food Ordering in Malaysia

Malays, Chinese, and Indians live together in one country, creating a unique cultural landscape, which is also greatly r...

Spice Up Your Life: Fun Facts about Thai and Taiwanese Cuisine

In this interview with our editor Nicky, a Thai living in Taiwan, for the World Gourmet Platform, we will learn about Th...

Top 5 Non-Islamic Countries Welcoming Muslim Travelers

This article will introduce five countries/regions that are the most Muslim-friendly according to the "Global Muslim Tra...

Rating Popular Thai Snacks by Editor of World Gourmet Platform

In this article, I’m going to share with you some personal reviews of popular Thai snacks in the hope of making the cont...

Why Do People Love This Stinky Fruit? 5 Most Common FAQ for Durians

We collected the 5 most common questions about durian, in the hope of bringing readers a greater understanding of this t...

[MY&SG] Best Durian Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022

Come to know the best durian mooncakes in Malaysia and Singapore!

Best Place for Peranakan Lunch in George Town, Penang: Moh Teng Pheow

Among diverse cuisines in Penang, Nyonya dishes are the must-eats. This time, Malaysian blogger “Sambal Traveller” is vi...

8 Most Popular Types of Thai Durians

Introduce 8 types of durians that are famous in Thailand, yet might remain unsung in other countries.

How McDonald’s Localizes Fast Food?

McDonald’s has amazed people around the world by the World Gourmet Platform will introduce some of the local food from M...

Stories behind These Misleading Names of Thai Foods

The origins of food names seem like a dull topic to talk about, yet the facts behind the names are more surprising than...

To Enter the Markets in ID and MY, You Must Learn about Halal Food

If you want to promote your F&D business or export F&D products to Indonesia or Malaysia, Halal verification will be the...

Where to Find Professional Wine Storage Services?

We have summarized wine storage service providers in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore for you! With this informa...




Celebrity Chefs
Ivan, the founder of THAIGER, is a chef quietly devoting himself to gastronomy. He prefers actions to words and always f...


【MY】Warisan Nasi Kukus
Come to Warisan Nasi Kukus to taste the most authentic steamed rice with fried chicken.
Warisan Nasi Kukus Maju Sdn. Bhd.
Malaysian Steamed Rice Restaurant
【MY】Restoran Spring Golden
Char Siu is one of the most popular traditional foods for Chinese people. To make perfect char siu, the skin must glitte...
Restoran Spring Golden
Char Siu Restaurant