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Stories behind These Misleading Names of Thai Foods

The origins of food names seem like a dull topic to talk about, yet the facts behind the names are more surprising than...

To Enter the Markets in ID and MY, You Must Learn about Halal Food

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How to Store Your Wine in Perfect Conditions

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How did Chinese Cuisine Become a New Choice for Christmas Dinner?

How did Chinese cuisine begin to be considered a Christmas meal in the United States?

An Insider’s Guide to Thai Cuisine of the Four Regions

Influenced by different weathers, geographical conditions, and historical backgrounds, Thai cuisine can be categorized i...

Black Broth or White Broth? The Origin and Fun Facts about Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh is not only one of the most representative Malaysian dishes but also a memory of Chinese immigrants from Sou...

Best Whiskey in Malaysia: What’s Special about Timah

How did Timah receive huge international attention and what made this spirit controversial? Let’s take a look at Timah’s...

Hainan Chicken Rice Ball, the Underrated Malaysian Dish

Let us uncover the origin of Hainan chicken rice, from how it can be enjoyed, to the local’s favorite dish that is seldo...

The Most Unique Dishes You Should Try in Asia - TW/TH

As many Asian countries have developed diverse cooking styles for rice and noodles, the dishes created can taste entirel...

Malaysia Food Guide: The 14 Essential Restaurants in Malaysia

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Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know about These Famous Desserts

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Orange Daylily Ingredients Looking for Distributors

High quality orange daylily which helps improve sl.........

Vegetarian Sauce Looking for SEA Distributors

A vegetarian sauce brand looking for distributor c.........

High Quality Cashew Looking for International Distributors

Great Cashews from Thailand Looking for Distributo.........


【TW】Er Mei Salt-Baked Chicken - the Flavor of Happiness from Meizhou
Quality Products

Growing up in Meizhou, “Er Mei” Huang Tian-Yan introduced Meizhou salt-baked chicken, known as the “Number One Chicken”,...

Huang Tian-Yan
Huang Tian-Yan
Er Mei Salt-Baked Chicken
【TW】Sakura Fragrant Sesame Oil: Your Healthy & Reliable Cooking Oil
Quality Products

Besides promoting his sesame oil and peanut oil products for daily use, Xu follows every single process of production wi...

Xu Ren Feng
Xu Ren Feng
Sakura fragrant Sesame Oil
【TW】Hua Dong Hong Xuan : Quality Regional Produce of Huadong Valley!
Quality Products Featured

Hua Dong Valley, a long and narrow valley, located between Central Mountain Range and Coastal Mountain Range, cultivates...

General Manager, HDHX
【TW】Awakened Taste : Embrace Every Day in Your Best!
Quality Products Featured

Awakened Taste hopes to promote the idea of “vegetarian diet with knowledge”, to lead a more environmentally-friendly li...

Esther Chen
Esther Chen
Responsible Person of Awakened Taste
【TH】Methee Huang Jingsheng Cashew : Phuket Island Cashew
Quality Products Featured

Methee Huang Jingsheng Cashew was founded in 1972 and has almost 50 years of history. This brand was founded on this bea...

Methee Huang Jingsheng Cashew
Methee Huang Jingsheng Cashew
Cashew Supplier
【TH】Thai Xin Bird’s Nest - Thai Traditional Bird’s Nest with Selected
Quality Products

Bird’s nest, the best food for women’s skincare, is known as the “treasure of the East”. It is said that “The price of a...

Bing Bing
Bing Bing
Responsible Person of Thai Xin Bird's Nest


Celebrity Chefs
Ivan, the founder of THAIGER, is a chef quietly devoting himself to gastronomy. He prefers actions to words and always f...


【MY】Warisan Nasi Kukus
Come to Warisan Nasi Kukus to taste the most authentic steamed rice with fried chicken.
Warisan Nasi Kukus Maju Sdn. Bhd.
Malaysian Steamed Rice Restaurant
【MY】Restoran Spring Golden
Char Siu is one of the most popular traditional foods for Chinese people. To make perfect char siu, the skin must glitte...
Restoran Spring Golden
Char Siu Restaurant