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Malaysia Food Guide: The 14 Essential Restaurants in Malaysia

Are you still thinking about what to eat today? Here WGP has selected a range of must-go places to eat or drink in Malaysia, from restaurants to cafes, all for you to brighten up your day!

Today we cover the restaurants in Selangor and Johor that have won IBF World Top Gourmet Awards! Take a note on your food map!


Moonlight Cake House

Life may not seem like a piece of cake, but we can still make our days by enjoying a slice of cake! Whether you’re searching for sweets, coffees, cakes, or European cuisines, Moonlight Cake House is your ultimate choice for a cozy vibe!

Terrasse Bistro

Do you love to be surrounded by a natural environment with sunlight, plants, and a soothing atmosphere? Or are you considering spending your weekend having your head in a book for a whole afternoon? You don’t always have to choose between a dilemma! In Terrasse Bistro, the sun shines through glass skylights onto green walls, creating a natural sunbathing area for you to sit back and enjoy your time.

Super USJ Chili Pan Mee

We all know that spiciness is not a taste, but a pain sensation; yet a good dish of spicy food is a pain worth taking! Super USJ Chili Pan Mee provides you fresh, healthy, homemade, and additive-free chili pan mee to satisfy your spicy-craving soul!

Restoran Spring Golden

When it comes to the most popular traditional cuisine among the ethnic Chinese, who can claim the first place besides char siu? With a shiny glaze on the surface and juicy inside, Restoran Spring Golden’s char siu has a crispy texture but at the same time melt-in-your-mouth tender. To satisfy your taste buds, there is a wide range of char siu available, from char siu chicken, duck, to char siu pork for you to choose from.

Warisan Nasi Kukus

Wanna try out an authentic Malaysian cuisine but only know nasi lemak? Come to have a try at nasi kukus, steamed rice with fried chicken thigh, and the locals would call you an expert! Warisan Nasi Kukus has been passed down for generations, keeping the original recipe and old-style flavor. Here you can have a taste of the most traditional dish in Malaysia!


Brunch Story

There’s no better way to start a new day with a hearty brunch! Feeling like brunch restaurants look almost the same everywhere? In Brunch Story, a classic platter of bacon, hotdogs, and french fries is just for a start. You can always find something special like traditional nasi lemak and ayam goreng (Indonesian fried chicken). They even offer daily specials every day, just to make sure you’ll never get tired of the same menu!

Jim Long Pipa Duck

If you’re a roast duck lover, you can’t miss out on Pipa Duck! Believed to be the most complicated way to roast a duck, pipa duck has a long-standing reputation for its fragrance lingering on lips and melt-in-the-mouth texture. Regarded as the top dish in Restoran Kim Long Star, Jim Long pipa duck has attracted both domestic and international gourmets!

Matang Seafood

You don’t always have to set out on a long trek to ports just for fresh seafood. Matang Seafood provides you with the best seafood congee, absorbing all the “umami” and essence from shrimps, fish, scallops, and clams. Just take a bite, you’ll hear the sound of waves!

Chef Chef Café

Wanna throw a party but too lazy to step out of your house? There’s a way better than ordering deliveries one by one! Chef Chef Café offers the most professional banquet catering service, from food preparation to delivery. Chef Chef Café is always your best partner to throw an exceptional party!

Vburg Future Food

Ever dreamed of being woken up by the smell of freshly-baked bread in the morning? In Vburg Future Food, our bread is always freshly-baked every day! Start your day with the sweetest-smelling bread, and after a day-long hard work, let Vburg Future Food comfort your soul with our exquisite desserts!


As nowadays more restaurants pay attention to provide healthier food, a healthy afternoon tea is absolutely as necessary as main meals! Featuring healthy and one-of-a-kind Southeast Asian cuisines, Eletime’s vegan meals and desserts guarantee a both satisfying and fine dining experience!

Ah Koong Restaurant

If you think fish balls taste the same everywhere, then you must have never tried Ah Koong’s fish balls! Made purely from freshly-landed wolf-herring fish, Ah Koong’s fish balls have a springy and smooth texture, promising to be the freshest and delightful dish!

Ah Hua Kueh Teow

Speaking of kueh teow (kway tiao) in Johor Bahru, Ah Hua Kueh Teow naturally comes first! As a restaurant passed down for three generations, Ah Hua keeps the most traditional hometown flavor, all coming from the persistence of “cooking with heart”. For sure nothing tastes better than my hometown's nostalgic taste!

Grand Seafood

Wanna enjoy a good view while having dinner after a tiring hard day? Or searching for a landscape restaurant for a date? Located in Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru, Grand Seafood provides you with an unforgettable seaview and high-quality seafood, creating the most romantic memory at a landscape restaurant! Be ready for the grand feast of sight and taste!


The restaurants we cover today have earned international reputations!
Awarded 2020 World Top Gourmet Awards by IBF, these restaurants and local chefs are guaranteed to be the most innovative, authentic, and best service-oriented leaders in the F&B industry!
Can’t wait to take a food tour to Malaysia? Don’t forget to subscribe for the next episode of our local food guide!

YT Chang
YT Chang
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