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Quality Products 2020-08-31

【TW】Hua Dong Hong Xuan : Quality Regional Produce of Huadong Valley!

【TW】Hua Dong Hong Xuan : Quality Regional Produce of Huadong Valley!

A long and narrow valley, located between Central Mountain Range and Coastal Mountain Range, cultivates the most purified and high-quality produce. We, as residents of the valley, are dedicated to making our superb products more distinguishable for our customers who are fond of local produce in Huadong Valley . We aim to build a reputable brand by cooperating with Agriculture Production and Marketing Groups as well as preeminent farmers. We provide customers with safe produce under the highest standards of food safety.

The Shared Dream of East Rift Valley

Our philosophy: Integration, Innovation, Teamwork, and Sharing

Hua Dong Hong Xuan integrates the expertise of Agriculture Production and Marketing Groups, which play a huge part in food safety inspection, with preeminent farmers in Huadong Valley. We work together to build a highly recognizable brand for regional produce. By putting effort into establishing sales channel partnerships that prioritize food safety, we have built a reassuring, comprehensive supply chain that shares production and marketing resources. Hua Dong Hong Xuan focuses on promoting the fine produce from Huadong Valley. We cooperate with many parties, working together to produce products under the highest standards of food safety and we deliver products directly to our customers from the place of production.

The Dream Blossoms Thanks to Orange Daylily

Hua Dong Hong Xuan has always upheld the ideal of “making the world see Huadong” as our duty and dream. After multifaceted consideration, we chose orange daylily, the most representative and important cash crop of Huadong Valley, as the start of our journey and began to realize our dream step by step.

To achieve the dream, Hua Dong Hong Xuan strictly supervises the quality of crops. We persist in selling the purest orange daylily with no pollution and harmful chemicals. And with the promotion of the local tourism industry, orange daylily is now not only a delicious ingredient for cuisine, but also the representative of local culture and the product of diverse industries.

Gratitude and Fame, for Our Home

The success of orange daylily products allowed Hua Dong Hong Xuan to gain its foothold in the market. In order to let more people appreciate the beauty of Hua Dong and experience local culture, we will need to expand and venture into other markets outside agriculture products. With this in mind, we devote ourselves to integrating existing resources, and seek collaboration not only within the industry, but also with the government, education and research institutes, and local communities. To date, we have developed a huge variety of relevant products, including Chikeshan Orange Daylily Herbal Healthy Tea that can help you sleep, Chikeshan Orange Daylily Beauty Brightening Mask which brings beneficial cosmetic changes. Other products include Love Orange Daylily Gift Box, Chikeshan Orange Daylily Gift Set, Victorian Customized Business Gift Box, and many more. We do our utmost to add to the value of crops and thrive to make our beloved home a place known to many. We aim to let the world see Huadong Valley, orange daylily, and, finally, Hua Dong Hong Xuan.

The reputable brand is named after its place of origin and the first characters of the founder’s given name. The founders are Hong-Yan Zhang and Xuan-Zi Xu, who are husband and wife. The name of the brand interprets and summarizes our ideas.

Orange Daylily, the Priceless Treasure of Hualien

Nutrition of Orange Daylily

Orange daylily is highly nutritious. It is rich in anthocyanin, protein, carbohydrate, vitamin A, B1, B2, nicotinic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other nutrients. Especially the amount of iron, which is multiple times more than spinach and lettuce. Anthocyanin is a natural antioxidant . Calcium is beneficial for growth and health conditions of bones and teeth. Iron is beneficial for cellular respiration.

Application of Orange Daylily

According to studies from Japan, orange daylily can help people calm their minds and sleep. And the leaf contains the largest amount of substance to help people sleep. In Japan, orange daylily tea is also known as “sleepy weed (眠り草)”. Orange Daylily Herbal Healthy Tea is made from orange daylily grown in Taiwan. The R&D and production group from National Ilan University is in charge of all production workflow, including picking of orange daylily leaf, washing, roasting, chopping, and packaging. The products have passed food inspection of pesticide and sulfur dioxide residue for the safety of consumers.

With a fast-paced lifestyle and enormous work pressure, many people face problems like struggling to sleep, bad sleep quality, or waking up too early. Most people seek natural solutions to the problem; therefore, Orange Daylily Herbal Healthy Tea is the optimal choice for soothing the mind and bettering sleep. It does not contain caffeine, so people can drink it on a daily basis.

Besides herbal healthy tea, orange daylily leaf can also be used in making various healthy food products. It can be extracted to produce tablets; it can be used for making fermented beverages; it also can be used for making drinks for better sleep. The most common processed products include orange daylily leaf tea, flower tea, jam, pickled orange daylily in vinegar, brown sugar cube with orange daylily, orange daylily powder, etc.

High-Quality Ingredients for Manufacturers, Comes from Our Exports

In addition to the production of excellent orange daylily products, Hua Dong Hong Xuan also exports raw orange daylily. Hua Dong Hong Xuan expects that manufacturers in other regions can notice its quality orange daylily; therefore, Hua Dong Hong Xuan is proactively looking for manufacturers that are in demand for orange daylily as an ingredient. If you’re searching for a supplier of fine orange daylily, Hua Dong Hong Xuan will be your best choice!

Product Information

Sixty Stone Mountain Sulfur-free Orange Daylily

The only certified sulfur-free orange daylily is from Hua Dong Hong Xuan. Orange daylily is grown in Sixty Stone Mountain in Huadong Valley. Utilizing the same method of making tea leaves, the production team produces dry orange daylily by treating it with low temperature for 36 – 48 hours. The product is free of sulfur, artificial spices, and pesticides. It’s totally safe for consumers to eat at ease.

Chikeshan Orange Daylily Herbal Healthy Tea

Orange Daylily Herbal Healthy Tea is the first tea developed in Taiwan that can improve sleep quality. It is directed and produced by National Ilan University. The product uses only natural ingredients and contains no caffeine. It is free of artificial and chemical additives as well as pesticide residue. You can drink it without worry on a daily basis.

Sixty Stone Mountain Love Orange Daylily Gift Box

The six petals of orange daylily inspired the design of the delicate Love Orange Daylily Gift Box. The innovative-designed gift box is composed of six triangular prism boxes, all of which contain superb sulfur-free orange daylily. Besides sending it to one person as a whole, you can also send the smaller boxes to different people. With its graceful look and reasonable price, the gift box is suitable for one’s daily use and also as a gift.

Chikeshan Orange Daylily Gift Setv

Orange Daylily Gift Set is made from orange daylily of Chikeshan, Yuli, Hualien, which is the biggest orange daylily production region of Taiwan. The altitude of Chikeshan ranges from 800 to 1200 meters above sea level. With the foggy weather all year long, Chikeshan provides a suitable environment for orange daylily to grow. The Vegetable Agriculture Production and Marketing Groups in Yuli, Hualien, cooperates with National Ilan University to form an R&D and production team. With orange daylily leaf and flower certified as Traceable Agricultural Products, the team utilizes exclusive technology and professional workflow to produce Orange Daylily Herbal Healthy Tea and Orange Daylily Beauty Brightening Mask.

Victorian Customized Business Gift Box

HUEMON, a designer team that has won awards worldwide, developed the Victorian gift box with a patented structure. This product is aimed to customize business gift boxes with regional designs. The cover of the elegant Victorian gift box can be changed into a painting frame or photo frame. The little delicate boxes with old oil paintings can be reused as jewelry boxes. This adorable gift will bring pure delight to others.

Chikeshan Orange Daylily Leaf(Only for other regions outside Taiwan and China)

We provide high-quality orange daylily leaves that help better sleep and calm the mind. We may supply the needed ingredients based on your needs.


Hua Dong Hong Xuan

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Hua-Wei Chen, Associate Professor of National Ilan University

Hua Dong Hong Xuan and Ilan University work together to develop new products. Both of them have been putting great effort into the development of orange daylily-related industries for a long time! Ilan University looks forward to creating more value for farmers with Hua Dong Hong Xuan in the future!

Hong-Song Chen, Team Leader of the Ninth Team of Vegetable Agricultural Production and Marketing Groups in Yuli, Hualien

Orange daylily from Hua Dong Hong Xuan is grown under an excellent environment with no industrial pollution; therefore it’s safe and can be consumed with no worries. (the daylily cultivated by our group has been labeled with Traceable Agricultural Products).

General Manager, HDHX

To promote the beauty of Hua Dong and the excellent local produce, we created Hua Dong Hong Xuan, a brand which focuses on promoting local agricultural products and other merchandises. We dedicate ourselves to share the excellent products we have here in Hua Lien and Tai Dong, and appreciate the hard work of local farmers.


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